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Owner and operator of Montreal’s urban energy network, Énergir urban heating and cooling produces, transports and distributes heat and cooling to meet the energy needs of downtown Montreal’s tertiary sector, both public and private, and housing sector.


1000 De La Gauchetière

1000 De La Gauchetière is Montreal’s tallest skyscraper.

This is a multifunctional building: office tower, shopping mall—it even has an ice skating rink in its atrium. Its distinctive arrow shape dominates and defines Montreal’s skyline.

A prime example of post-modern architecture and strongly inspired by adjacent buildings, it was designed to commemorate Montreal’s 350th anniversary. Its construction required 9,000 tons of steel—as much steel as the Eiffel Tower—and was completed in only 318 days.

Surface: 95 315,m2
Services: Steam
Clieent since 1993


800 René-Lévesque

800 René-Lévesque Blvd West, also known as Tour Terminal, is connected to Montreal’s underground pedestrian network and to the Central Station. Completed in 1966, it was the last phase of CN’s development in downtown Montreal.

This office and commercial tower is located next to the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel and right across from Place Ville-Marie on René Lévesque blvd. It is home to many prestigious companies, including Bombardier’s world headquarters.

Surface: 380,m2
Services: Steam
Client since 1966


1100 Robert-Bourassa

In the heart of the city center, this twelve storey office tower is located close to all services and amenities.

With indoor access to Montreal’s subway system, it is a few minutes’ walk from Old Montreal and offers direct access to expressways.

Surface: 25,761 m2
Services : Steam
Client since 1981


1060 Robert-Bourassa

This ten storey office tower is located in the heart of downtown Montreal, close to all services and amenities.

Only a short walk to Old Montreal, it offers indoor access to Montreal’s subway system and direct access to expressways.

Surface: 17,837 m2
Services: Steam
Client since 1987

Chilled water, hot water

Cité Multimédia

With the development of Cité du Multimédia, Montreal’s intention is two-fold: to revive an area of the city that was virtually abandoned and to bring together companies from the fast emerging multimedia sector.

However, the energy requirements of these types of companies are enormous. A hot and cold water network was needed to supply modern, economical and reliable heating—and especially cooling—to the entire area.

Surface: 99,862 m2
Services: Chilled water, Hot water
Client since 2000


Central Station Complex

The histories of Central Station and CCUM are closely linked. CN originally decided to build the CCUM thermal power plant to meet the heating requirements of Central Station and its passenger trains.

In the beginning, it was coal fired, just like the old steam locomotives. But times have changed; it is now powered by natural gas, and an exceptionally clean fue

Surface: 157,930 m2
Services: Steam
Client since 1947


Sun Life Building

This imposing building was built in three stages starting in 1914. Upon its completion in 1933, with its 26 floors, the Sun Life Building became the tallest building in Montreal—and even claimed to be the tallest building in the British Empire.

Around 1960, with the construction of Place Ville-Marie, the Sun Life owners decided to abandon their old boiler system and take the opportunity to join the CCUM network by linking their building to the adjacent Place Ville-Marie.

Surface: 89,463 m2
Services: Steam
Client since 1962



The École de Technologie Supérieure is located in downtown Montreal, in the heart of the Quartier de l’innovation. The ÉTS campus is divided into pavilions, located across from each other on both sides of Notre-Dame Street West.

As a teaching and research institution, the ÉTS has a responsibility to the next generation, to the environment and to society. It is with this outlook that the sustainable development policy was adopted in May 2008, thus laying the foundation for its approach to the environmental and social impacts of decisions based on financial considerations.

Surface: 175,700 m2
Services: Steam
Client since 1994

Entreprise 1920x747
Entreprise 1920x747

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EVO Tower

The Evo student residence, adjacent to the Place Victoria Tower, s located 10 minutes from downtown, 4 minutes from the Old Port.

It offers a spectacular view from every room, particularly from its panoramic revolving restaurant on the top floor.

Surface: 711 rooms
Services: Steam
Client since 2003


Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel

Originally built by the Canadian National Railway, the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel is located in the heart of downtown Montreal. With over a thousand rooms, the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth is the largest hotel in Quebec.

It has welcomed many celebrities— including John Lennon and Yoko Ono who held their famous bed-in, in suite 1742 in 1969. This is just one example of how the CCUM, as the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel’s energy supplier since its construction, has played an integral part in Montreal’s history..

Surface: 1,039 rooms
Services: Steam
Client since 1958


Marriott Château Champlain

The Marriott Château Champlain, situated in the heart of downtown Montreal, is often referred to as the "cheese grater” because of its typical 1967 architecture – the year of the International and Universal Exposition.

Architect Roger d'Astous, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, designed this unique building on an exceptional site, offering spectacular views of downtown, the mountain and Old Montreal.

The 38 storey Marriott Chateau Champlain is the tallest hotel in Montreal.

Surface: 611 rooms
Services: Steam
Client since 2003


Place Ville-Marie

For over 50 years, Place Ville Marie, with its famous rotating beacon, has been the symbol of Montreal. As the city’s fourth tallest building with its 44 floors, Place Ville-Marie welcomes nearly 10,000 workers daily and some 20 million visitors annually.

Place Ville-Marie is considered the heart of downtown Montreal and has always been a popular meeting place.

Place Ville-Marie received the BOMA 2011-2012 prize awarded by the Association of Real Estate Managers of Quebec for its overall management excellence and the quality of its operations.

Surface: 242,803 m2
Services: Steam
Client since 1962


AON and National Bank towers

Like twin sisters, these two towers occupy a prominent place in Montreal’s real estate market.

Sharing a six floor common underground base, these two skyscrapers, of modernist architectural style, are the only buildings to be constructed of steel in Montreal since the 1960s.

Designed by American architect Sylvia Gottwald-Thapar, the AON and National Bank towers, also known as Complex Maisonneuve, are connected to Montreal’s underground city.

Surface: 159,509 m2
Services: Steam
Client since 1992


Place Victoria

Designed during Expo 67’s economic boom, the Stock Exchange Tower, also known as Victoria Square tower, is the third tallest skyscraper in Montreal.

Located in the Quartier International de Montreal, it was the tallest building made out of reinforced concrete and the tallest skyscraper in Canada until 1968.

Today, it is a business center renowned for its elegance. In 2006, the Stock Exchange Tower received its certification from the Go Green program, whose mission is to preserve the environment through various energy-saving and recycling measures.

Surface: 92,900 m2
Services: Steam
Client since 2003

Eau refroidie, eau chaude


Énergir CCU offre également ses services aux édifices de condos situés à proximité de la Cité Multimédia depuis 2001 dont les deux derniers raccordés en 2024 sont ODÉA et HALECO.

ODÉA superficie : 32 980 m² (355 000 pi²)
HALECO à une superficie de 31 442 m2 (338 500 pi²)
Superficie totale desservie: 102 000 m² (1 100 000 p²)

Services : Eau refroidie, eau chaude


Place Bonaventure

Située en plein coeur du centre-ville de Montréak, Place Bonaventure est reliée au plus vaste réseau de corridors souterrains au monde, donnant accès aux édifices de bureaux, boutiques, restaurants et attractions, ainsi qu'aux 395 chambres de l’hôtel Hilton Montréal Bonaventure.
Lors de son inauguration en 1967, Place Bonaventure était alors le plus grand bâtiment commercial au monde. La Place Bonaventure est l'un des exemples le splus spectaculaires du brutalisme, un courant architectural très populaire auprès des architectes entre 1950 et 1970. Le dernier projet majeur de rénovation avant le projet actuel fut realisé en 1998. 

Superficie : 56 380 m2
Services : Vapeur
Client depuis 1967

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