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Our commitments

Énergir Urban Heating and Cooling is committed to leadership, diligence, and excellence in energy production. We provide socially responsible and environmentally friendly energy.

Quality since more than 75 years


Since its creation in 1947, the Montréal network has had no interruption in service—even during major climatic events such as the ice storm that paralysed Québec in January 1998!

Support and optimisation

  • Maintenance and support team available 24/7, year round
  • Real-time video surveillance
  • Speedy intervention and traceability
  • Maximum flexibility through energy mix—without any consumer equipment modification
  • Steam quality certified for building humidification

Decreased risk

  • Production centralization: risks are immediately identified, diagnosed and dealt with
  • A full-time team of dedicated experts

Quality control

  • Continuous monitoring of water quality (manual controls and on-line analyzers) ensures equipment reliability.
  • Compliance with the highest standards for legionella prevention: Énergir CCU surpasses the criteria established in the January 16, 2013 draft regulation.
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A safe energy

On a daily basis
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Visual inspection of the network twice a day
  • Continuous preventive maintenance
  • 100% autonomous

The plant uses two 4,6 MW generators to ensure total autonomy in case of power failure.

Regular updating of the emergency plan

The careful planning of emergency procedures sets the stage for effective and successful intervention.
In-depth knowledge and regular updating of Énergir urban cooling and heating’s emergency plan are an integral part of our work process.

Personal training

We invest in the belief that our experience, expertise and ability to find solutions serve all aspects of our market.

Continuing professional development

By devoting an average of 2% of labor costs to employee training, Énergir urban cooling and heating ensures that all its operational teams hold certifications that meet or exceed the criteria for energy network operation.

Investment - renewal

Our absolute reliability, since 1947, is the result of meticulous preventive maintenance and timely renewal of our equipment.

Sustainable and responsible development

As time goes by, we are constantly implementing new technologies to improve the environmental performance of our networks.

  • Replacement of old boilers with new, more efficient units
  • Installation of solar panels to pre-heat the air prior to combustion
  • Closed-loop networks to minimize water consumption
  • Elimination of fuel oil as primary source of combustion

"These improvements have enabled us to reduce CO2 emissions by 27% between 2005 and 2011, the equivalent of removing over 16,000 cars from the road."*

* based on 25,000 km per car per year

Energy efficiency

  • Adapting production to demand variations
  • 85% of the steam is recovered as condensate (an additional 12% is used for the humidification of our clients’ buildings).
  • Up to 20% energy cost savings for customers
  • Advanced air emission treatment technologies for large units

In harmony with the environment

  • Fight against visual pollution: elimination of roof equipment
  • Fight against smog and particulate pollution
  • Fight against traffic: buried networks and underground maintenance

Energy policy

As part of its continuous improvement plan and in compliance with the City of Montreal’s 2020-2030 Climate Plan, Énergir CCU has implemented an energy management system and obtained BNQ ISO-50001 certification.

The ISO 50001 standard for energy management systems is a voluntary, internationally recognized standard. It provides a structured framework for organizations to manage their energy consumption, improve production efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This approach is based on behavioural and operational changes at all levels of an organization, and it adds value for both internal and external stakeholders.

To this end, Énergir CCU management has implemented an energy policy. It details the intentions, orientations and formal commitments of Énergir CCU relating to the energy performance of the plant. This energy policy is shared as needed and is also reviewed regularly and updated when necessary.

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