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Socially responsible and environmentally friendly energy for over 75 years

Our mission

Making urban energy networks an integral part of the environmental policy of Canadian cities and industries, always taking into account the overall economic situation and certifying the quality, availability and cost of thermal energy.

Providing advice and guidance for the operation and maintenance of thermal facilities to improve performance and contribute to energy and environmental efficiency.

Strengthening and securing all performance aspects: energy and environment, operation, society, information systems, and workplace safety.

From CCUM to Énergir urban heating and cooling

The network was initially created to meet Canadian National’s thermal requirements; today, it provides services to over one third of Montreal’s downtown core. It has been operating the Montreal Energy Plant since its creation in 1947. Énergir urban heating and cooling provides heating and air conditioning to a large portion of Montreal’s downtown.

1947 to 2000 - Evolution from coal to natural gas

1947: CN builds thermal power plant

2000: CCUM begins supplying hot and chilled water via the new Cité Multimédia neighbourhood

2000 to 2020 - New grid and energy efficiency

2010: Invested over $5 million to minimize CO2 emissions (#2 gas boiler)

2013: CCUM installs thermal solar panels

2015: Invested over $3M for a condensation recuperator

2019: Cooling of the ÉTS and future Calcul Québec servers

2019: MU, a charity that has been transforming Montreal’s public spaces since 2007 with community-based murals, creates the mural that now adorns Énergir CCU’s building. This artistic, community and environmental project showcases the building and its architectural features while respecting Montreal’s heritage. Working side by side with local stakeholders.

2020: Renewable natural gas supply; next-generation boiler room heat recovery project

2020 à 2030​ - New directions and decarbonization

Several promising initiatives we’re working on

  • Cooling heat recovery
  • Renewable energies
  • Low-temperature networks
  • Beyond Énergir CCU

2021: Introduction of emergency power supply service

2022: ISO 50001 certification; energy policy

Key facts and figures

  • Creation of CCUM: 1947
  • Power: 145 MW for heat, 18.4 MW for cold, 2 MW for electricity (Backup energy)
  • Second largest network in Canada
  • 1.8 million m² — the equivalent of a city of 30,000 people*

* based on 90 m2/housing

Énergir urban heating and cooling is proud to recognize the talents of its employees and to provide them with safe and secure work environments. By paying particular attention to safety and by implementing a wide variety of advanced procedures and techniques, it provides an attractive professional environment.

Stationary engineers are of class 1 or 2 for steam and class A or B for cooling. All of our electricians are skilled technicians.

Management of operations is executed by a plant manager and a deputy plant manager, each of whom have over 30 years of experience.

Our operation team

  • Rock Marois, General Manager
  • Mike Murphy, Plant Manager
  • Robin Bédard, Deputy Plant Manager
  • Claude Cantin, Controller
  • Daniel Bienvenu, Manager, Sales and Development

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