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Benefits and opportunities

There are key advantages to connecting to a district heating network instead of having your own boiler room in your building.

8 good reasons to become a client

01.  Guaranteed operational performance

    • Availability of thermal energy: supplied without interruption since 1947
    • 24/7/365 monitoring in real time (network status, temperature, flow, etc.)
    • Energy autonomy
    • Expertise in innovative technological solutions, such as co-generation or tri-generation
02.  Simplified management
    • Transfer of responsibility for production, maintenance, asset renewal and energy purchases
    • Daily analysis of water quality (Legionella prevention)
    • Reduction of civil engineering constraints (permits, structures, fuel storage, etc.)
    • Thermal energy storage: purchase and supply, optimization of energy mix
    • Urban planning: assistance in the urban development of the city and in the design and implementation of thermal production and distribution systems
    • Project development: promotion of project with investors, partnerships, etc.
03.  Optimized financing solutions
    • Elimination of energy production investments
    • Elimination of maintenance and facilities renewal costs
    • Analysis of different types of financing solutions and partnership opportunities
    • Identification of available grants and assistance in creating and submitting applications
04.  Energy costs savings
    • Special rates on fuel purchase (economies of scale)
    • Heat recovery
    • Diagnosis and reporting on findings, conclusions and recommendations
    • Energy autonomy, maximum performance and long term savings
05.  Cost control
    • Predetermined budget and elimination of contingencies
    • Social engineering: support, placement and management of transferred personnel
06.  Floor space recuperation
    • Added value due to recovered space
    • Elimination of potential noise and vibration
07.  Reduction and control of consumption and environmental impact
    • Reduced energy and carbon footprint (greenhouse gas)
    • Improved air quality and reduction of noise level
    • Minimal water consumption within a closed circuit (recovery of condensates)
    • Preservation of architectural aesthetics of the urban landscape (elimination of roof equipment)
    • Renewable energy integration
    • Socially responsible behaviour: implementation and management of awareness campaigns
    • Services to buildings: energy performance contracts for network subscribers
08.  Tax benefits
    • Recovery of QST (Québec Sales Tax) on steam purchases for eligible companies
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How to join the network?

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Counsel and advice

As leader in its field, Énergir urban cooling and heating has expanded its district network services by offering complementary services (support, guidance, advice, information, etc.).

  • from the original planning stages (overall energy audit, identification of areas for improvement)
  • to the execution of the project (development plan, energy facility transformations and upgrades)
  • to network operations—ensuring maximum environmental performance (energy and carbon)

Beyond improving economic performance and securing energy supplies, our team contributes to energy and environmental progress while achieving energy savings and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Export our know-how

Whatever energies and technologies are used, Énergir urban cooling and heating’s expertise maximizes the operation of district energy networks by implementing innovative technical solutions, including the development of renewable energy.

Énergir urban cooling and heating is an active partner of the urban and environmental energy policy

The real estate boom in cities offers new opportunities for the creation and development of district energy networks (extension or connection).

Our teams intervene at the planning stages of urban development projects, providing technical support and helping communities implement master plans for the distribution of thermal energy.

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