Sustainable Development

Respect for the environment

As time goes by, we are constantly implementing new technologies to improve the environmental performance of our networks.

  • Replacement of old boilers with new, more efficient units
  • Installation of solar panels to pre-heat the air prior to combustion
  • Closed-loop networks to minimize water consumption
  • Elimination of fuel oil as primary source of combustion

These improvements have enabled us to reduce CO2 emissions by 27% between 2005 and 2011, the equivalent of removing over 16,000 cars from the road.*

based on 25,000 km per car per year


Energy efficiency

  • Adapting production to demand variations
  • 85% of the steam is recovered as condensate (an additional 12% is used for the humidification of our clients’ buildings).
  • Up to 20% energy cost savings for customers
  • Advanced air emission treatment technologies for large units

In harmony with the environment

  • Fight against visual pollution: elimination of roof equipment
  • Fight against smog and particulate pollution
  • Fight against traffic: buried networks and underground maintenance

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