On a daily basis

  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Visual inspection of the network twice a day
  • Continuous preventive maintenance
  • 100% autonomous

The plant uses two 1 MW generators to ensure total autonomy in case of power failure.

Regular updating of the emergency plan

The careful planning of emergency procedures sets the stage for effective and successful intervention.
In-depth knowledge and regular updating of Énergir urban cooling and heating’s emergency plan are an integral part of our work process.

Personnel training

We invest in the belief that our experience, expertise and ability to find solutions serve all aspects of our market.

Continuing Professional Development

By devoting an average of 2% of labor costs to employee training, Énergir urban cooling and heating ensures that all its operational teams hold certifications that meet or exceed the criteria for energy network operation.

École de technologie supérieure in Montreal

In partnership with ÉTS, Énergir urban cooling and heating established and financed the Centre de technologique thermique (Thermal Technology Center). The centre is dedicated to research and development of effective solutions for energy production and management. Research conducted at the centre benefits our industry as a whole and heralds a new generation that is inspired by history and driven by expertise.

Investments — renewal

Our absolute reliability, since 1947, is the result of meticulous preventive maintenance and timely renewal of our equipment.

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