Since its creation in 1947, the Montréal network has had no interruption in service—even during major climatic events such as the ice storm that paralysed Québec in January 1998!

Support and optimisation

  • Maintenance and support team available 24/7, year round
  • Real-time video surveillance
  • Speedy intervention and traceability
  • Maximum flexibility through energy mix—without any consumer equipment modification
  • Steam quality certified for building humidification

Decreased risk

  • Production centralization: risks are immediately identified, diagnosed and dealt with
  • A full-time team of dedicated experts

Quality Control

  • Continuous monitoring of water quality (manual controls and on-line analyzers) ensures equipment reliability.
  • Compliance with the highest standards for legionella prevention: Énergir CCU surpasses the criteria established in the January 16, 2013 draft regulation.

No interruption

Steam Quality