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  • Availability of thermal energy: supplied without interruption since 1947
  • 24/7/365 monitoring in real time (network status, temperature, flow, etc.)
  • Energy autonomy
  • Expertise in innovative technological solutions, such as co-generation or tri-generation
  • Transfer of responsibility for production, maintenance, asset renewal and energy purchases
  • Daily analysis of water quality (Legionella prevention)
  • Reduction of civil engineering constraints (permits, structures, fuel storage, etc.)
  • Thermal energy storage: purchase and supply, optimization of energy mix
  • Urban planning: assistance in the urban development of the city and in the design and implementation of thermal production and distribution systems
  • Project development: promotion of project with investors, partnerships, etc.
  • Elimination of energy production investments
  • Elimination of maintenance and facilities renewal costs
  • Analysis of different types of financing solutions and partnership opportunities
  • Identification of available grants and assistance in creating and submitting applications
  • Special rates on fuel purchase (economies of scale)
  • Heat recovery
  • Diagnosis and reporting on findings, conclusions and recommendations
  • Energy autonomy, maximum performance and long term savings
  • Predetermined budget and elimination of contingencies
  • Social engineering: support, placement and management of transferred personnel 
  • Added value due to recovered space
  • Elimination of potential noise and vibration
  • Reduced energy and carbon footprint (greenhouse gas)
  • Improved air quality and reduction of noise level
  • Minimal water consumption within a closed circuit (recovery of condensates)
  • Preservation of architectural aesthetics of the urban landscape (elimination of roof equipment)
  • Renewable energy integration
  • Socially responsible behaviour: implementation and management of awareness campaigns
  • Services to buildings: energy performance contracts for network subscribers
  • Recovery of QST (Québec Sales Tax) on steam purchases for eligible companies

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